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artists-be-seen-artandcraftconnection-2Artists and Craftspeople: Join Art and Craft Connection . com and get seen online. Are you an artist or craftsperson, in the USA, creating unique items?  Do you want to expand into “more than just a hobby” ?

Take it to the next level, a small business ? Are people asking you: Do you artandcrafts-made-in-usahave a website?  If you don’t have your own website, display your art or craft on Already have a website? Add your LINK here and get extra exposure.. Contact us with details of your art or craft, a short BIO, some photos, or a website link.  We can also go to your website and extract BIO and Images for you, let us know!

Then we create your page, complete with Home Page Image Link.  We upload images of your work, write some interesting information and you will BE SEEN, online, within a few days… What do you get for your $50 fee? We wil set up your own page with text and photos for you. View example page below, click image for full view.

Each Listing also gets a Front page spot with image and text link to their page, until it is pushed out by new arrivals. View example:

frontpage-promo-example TIMEHow long is this listing staying? Each Listing page is paid for the life of the site. Editing will cost $25 each time, most people edit once a year or never, up to you.

START-HEREIt’s a good way to start your online presence! Are you interested? In first instance, please send us a quick message of interest START HERE


Other options, promotions, editorials:

  • Your presence here on Artandcraftconnection costs $50 for installation of your page, This is a ONCE ONLY FEE. Your entry will stay for the life of this website. Consider purchasing extra Promotions, e.g. a place ad on the sidebar pointing to YOUR page. ($25 per month) or a slot on the TOP SLIDESHOW ($50 per month) This will increase your chances of being seen, and often translates into better publicity and sales.
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  • Artists! Craftspeople! What makes a business succeed? Promotion, promotion, promotion…
  • You will automatically appear on the Frontpage for a while. Also, on the right sidebar, until new arrivals push it out. TO MAKE AN IMPACT:
  • Display your feature link here on the right sidebar. And, because Art and Craft Connection wants to help artists, we give you a LOT for your dollars! You get a link on the sidebar for $25 a month, clicking through to your page.
  • And if you also want to be on TOP , included in the header, this is only $50 for a header slide show image 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.
  • COMBO: If you get the 2 feature display links as a combo deal, we give you an EXTRA MONTH! basically making it half price. How cool is that? get in touch with Hartmut  now.. contact here
  •  We can also add shopping cart PAYPAL BUTTON  to certain products on your page so you can sell direct from here.  You don’t even need a credit card merchant account. Contact us for details and costs.
  • Or we can built you your own e-commerce website and link it to your post / page on
  • There are many options, lets talk!

To contact us with questions and your ideas, please use our Contact Form. art-divider-artandcraft-2 * Disclaimer and Conditions:  Approval is at the discretion of the site operator. There is no right of approval.  It can be cancelled anytime by either management or client, with no right of compensation for loss of data/photos/articles etc. By joining the site and gaining membership status, you get the ability to post pages and images, and you agree you are responsible for your own page(s) and agree to only post art and craft related content and family safe images. Artandcraftconnection reserves all rights. We do our best to make this an enjoyable experience for the artists and craftspeople and the visiting public. Enjoy. art-divider-artandcraft-2 Want to pay ArtAndCraftConnection? Find our PAYMENT Gateway page here