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Welcome to the Artandcraftconnection Art & Craft Development scheme.

Donations are gratefully accepted. Artandcraftconnection supports artists and craftspeople throughout the USA. Please contact us via the Contact form so we can tailor your donation payment gateway to your needs, also, include an area that you wish the funds to be applied to. Thanks, Artandcraftconnection Team


We welcome your donation. 100% of the funds will be applied to:

  • Support USA Unique Artists and Craftspeople
  • Online Promotions for artists on this website for increasing visibility and exposure
  • Helping selected artists and craftspeople to get a website, and even an online shop
  • Public Relations assistance for artists and Craftspeople
  • We also visit art and craft shows if time allows and talk to new and upcoming talent, and hand out some free listings (free to them, some funds are applied to manage and create website content)  to artists noteworthy

If you wish to donate, SIMPLY CLICK ON THE PAYPAL BUTTON BELOW,  please. You can insert a note to voice your wishes, where or how to apply those funds and we do our best to do that. You can enter the amount on the Checkout page. A BIG THANK YOU to you!

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