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…enables the artist and crafts person to display work, BIO, share ideas, get information and much more. Visitors can browse the artists portfolios direct and some members also sell direct from here… Visit our category: Art Shows Events and Fairs to check on the latest dates of shows. We are constantly building this site. It grows every week. ARTISTS, CRAFTSPEOPLE: Contact us if you want to be included here. Visit our bookstore. Enjoy the site!  Check our LATEST ARTIST ENTRIES HERE 


Artandcraftconnection aims to spread the word about art events, festivals, fairs, promote artists, help the public to find art and crafts online and at public events, and find artists at their studios or shop.
Funding is always an issue, so DONATIONS are gracefully encouraged and accepted — Anyone that loves art and crafts can donate, simply send x amount of $$ by paypal to or contact Hart.
Artists and ArtLovers: Please consider contributing – maintains this site for labour of love… lots of that.
– Payments can be done via PayPal here
– We also accept artwork donations that we can sell on the website and apply the funds to improvements. Contact me.


What’s on ? Event calendar, dates, shows and more

Artandcraftconnection enables the arts and crafts community in the form of a  EVENTS Calender. Add your event! (Fee applies)




WHATS NEW? January 2013 – Free Entry to Art Museums!

Well, I just found out about this excellent program the BANK OF AMERICA is running for the ARTS and CRAFTS community and ALL art and Craft Lovers! It’s called: “Museum on US” and you get FREE ENTRY on each first weekend of the month, into selected art museums around the country if you hold a Bank of America Credit or Debit Card! (Conditions apply) Find out more at

..oh, by the way Artandcraftconnection does NOT get paid for the above article. We offer this to our visitors as one of the services we want to do, INFORM the public and art lovers about what’s happening in the art scene on many levels. Enjoy.

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